Passwordless Authentication for your Organization

Say goodbye to your passwords

Why Identity-ThingsRock

  • Leverage frictionless and secure passwordless authentication – from Passkeys to hardware token powered by FIDO2.
  • Built on open standards - Easily integrate with your self-built software or most business applications out there using OpenIDConnect, OAuth2, SAML2 protocols.
  • Easy configuration - No need to be an Identity and Access Management expert.
  • Benefit from an extra line of defense through our Login Anomaly detection using AI and Machine Learning.
  • Freedom of choice - Enjoy our solution as a fully managed Software-as-a-Service or host our solution in your data center or cloud environment.
  • More than just passwordless authentication – our solution covers the whole identity and access lifecycle boosting your business’ compliance.

The usage of passwords exposes your organization to a number of potential security issues. Passwords can be accidentally exposed by users to a malicious attacker as a result of a phishing attack. Or when passwords have not been carefully choosen by users they are susceptible to automated attacks.

Passwordless authentication does not have any of these issues as it eliminates the password completely. Instead, a successful login requires a user’s device being registered for passwordless authentication or a user needs to provide a biometric credential, like a fingerprint or a scan of the user’s face.

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With Identity-ThingsRock, our Identity and Access Management solution, organizations of any size can now easily benefit from strong authentication and authorization capabilities.


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