Passwordless Authentication for Businesses

Say goodbye to your passwords

  • Immediately Available
  • No risk – Free plan available
  • Supports integration of major business applications and services
  • Supports new and existing applications
  • Builds on Open Standards (no proprietary SDK required!)
  • Fully GDPR compliant

Identity@ThingsRock delivers:

A Quick Start

GDPR Compliance

Improved Security

Benefit from modern passwordless authentication methods and thereby protect your users and your business against phishing attacks. Manage and enforce security policies for your workforce, suppliers, partners, contractors and your applications alike – from one central Identity and Access Management service – no matter where, when or how your users access your applications and services.

No Risk

Increased Productivity

Integrate your applications and services and leverage Single Sign On capabilities in your organization helping your users to reduce time spent logging in to multiple applications each time each day. Empower users to self-service password recoveries (and more) to relieve your IT helpdesk. Or simply start using modern passwordless authentication methods.


Our Identity and Access Management Service simplifies auditing and reporting by providing all the important information in a central place. Quickly identify which users have access to which resources or easily monitor many events, e.g., from failed login attempts to when an account was updated.


Our Identity and Access Management Service is powered by Keycloak – the #1 Open-Source Identity and Access Management software. Easily export or import your Keycloak configuration from our Identity and Access Management service.

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